The right ideas, execution, and people can create something special.

Discovery & Strategy

From a simple idea to a complex digital solution, we’ve perfected every detail along the way. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll help you select the development methodology that’s most appropriate for your project – either Agile or Incremental. Below you can see a short breakdown of our work process…

Stage 1 – Research & Planning

Once you contact us we immediately schedule a meeting through your preferred way of communication to discuss your requirements. We listen carefully to gain full understanding of your vision, any major pain points and the nature of the problem you need solved.

After we’ve gathered all those vital details, we enter the planning phase. Here, we establish a strategy that helps us define what success means to you. This is done through an in-depth market research, competitor analysis and setting clear goals that need to be achieved.

Stage 2 – Design & Development

At this point the framework of the project is set. We understand every solution is different and its design has to be unique also. So, we apply a user-centric approach which puts the primary users experience at the core of the product.

Next, we start the building process. Implementing either Agile or Incremental methodologies, we hold daily scrum meetings. They allow the KnG Project Manager to interact with the entire team, keep a close eye on the project status and make critical decisions on a day-to-day basis.

Stage 3 – Deployment & Maintenance

We realize that a software solution is never entirely complete but we still strive for a fast delivery of high quality products. All applications need a continuous enhancements, iteration and maintenance even after the launch. KnG is fully prepared to provide you with such support.  

Technical Development

Modern software development requires knowledge of many platforms. Our team of expert engineers are focused on the latest trends and technologies across the major web and mobile platforms. We’re no stranger to large architectures, third-party integrations and working side-by-side with our client’s internal technology teams.

Design & Usability

Great design is baked into everything we do. Great design is not only skin deep, but speaks into how something works. We believe in an iterative process for design and strive for feedback and validations every step of the way. Our passion for design excellence drives everything we produce.

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