Who we are?

KNG Media is a full service IT agency that specializes in end-to-end software development.Since our launch in 2014, we’ve successfully completed over 30 projects for customers from all over the globe. Our clients range from startups to international enterprises and they all operate in different industries, such as: Fashion, Tourism, Mass Media and Beverages. Unlike most software companies, we don’t farm anything out. We like to keep full control over quality and cost. That’s why every detail is perfected by our dedicated in-house team of passionate designers, developers and creators. Our preferred engagement model is Time & Materials. The projects budget is based upon the actual man hours worked and it can be adjusted at any moment so it reflects the changing needs for time and resources.



Our biggest asset is our team. Everything we’ve achieved thus far has been possible only because of our people’s ability to work as one.Through years of rigorous selection process, continuous trainings and appealing career opportunities we’ve assembled a team that doesn’t rely on anyone’s exceptional skills but favor communication, coordination and equal contribution.


The driving force behind everything we do is your satisfaction. Your success is a testament to our own and our devotion to helping you meet your businesses needs is second to none. Most importantly, we’re motivated by results that exceed your expectations. Adding value to your company is good, but what is better is actually helping it grow. We always strive for better.


A special attention is given to the quality assurance and testing of our products and services. We believe this is a key factor in a projects success. Before deployment, we strictly evaluate the products efficiency and compliance with your original requirements. This allows us to provide you with a solution that works effectively, stably and as designed.

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