What We Do Best

KNGMedia offers a broad range of software services from UX Design and
Technology Consulting to Application Support and Cloud Computing. While
working on your project we implement the most advanced, industry-standard
practices in software development. We aim for the end product you’ll receive to
satisfy your primary users needs and exceed your expectations.

Work With Us

Enterprise Cloud Application Development

Working closely with the industry leader in cloud computing – AWS (Amazon Web Services), we will develop an enterprise software solution that is custom tailor made to help you reach your business goals. * Cloud - type of service that lets you use the computing power of outside servers through the Internet. You have all the CPU speed and data storage space needed for your enterprise software solution to function efficiently, on-demand. This way, your internal IT infrastructure doesn’t spend any resources on running your business application.

Web Application Development

Custom web applications created by KnG are integral part of businesses across various industries: fashion, beverage, mass media and tourism. During the development process we use software industry staples such as: PHP, Node.js , AngularJS, Angular 2, HTML5/CSS and JavaScript. Continuous integration is done with Jenkins, version control using Git.


Using React Native’s framework we deliver mobile solutions build for the most popular platforms iOS and Android as well as cross-platform if that’s your preference.KnG mobile products help you deliver your services to your clients wherever they are.

Support and Maintenance

At KnG, we understand the vital need for professional support and maintenance. Our priority in this service is reducing your TCO and making sure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.

UX Design

Your customers deserve the best user experience and we’ll give them nothing less than that. From field research to prototyping and idea testing with real users, we cover every minor detail along the way.

We can help you with...

Design 100%
Content 50%
Frontend 75%
Backend 60%

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